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Northeast New Hampshire Boat Rentals

Boats For Rent in Northeast New HampshireChoice boats for rent in Northeast New Hampshire at boat dealers and boat rental agent locations offering a variety of watercraft for rent. Find pontoon boats, fishing boats, family boats and speed boats for rent in Northern and Eastern New Hampshire.

Boat Rentals in Northeast NH

Listed below find boat rental dealers and other resources offering boats for rent for use on Conway Lake, Lake Wentworth, Ossipee Lake, Squam Lake, Umbagog Lake, Androscoggin River, Saco River and other waterways in New Hampshire. Rental locations are listed nearby cities and attractions. Cities listed include Gorham, Milan, North Conway, Bartlett and Berlin. Contact these boat rental services to see if they have the ideal boat for you to rent.


If you are looking for a specific type boat for rent, chances are one of these dealers can assist you. Boats offered for rent typically include canoes, family boats, pontoon boats, fishing boats, inflatables, jon boats, ski boats, aluminum boats, electric boats, jet skis and others. Some boats offered are confined to specific lakes while others are available for travel to other lakes.

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Northwest New Hampshire boating map.

Locate boat rental dealers and other boat rental locations within or nearby cities and attractions in Northern and Eastern New Hampshire.

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To enhance your boat renting experience, click here to locate resources for safety equipment, water toys and boating gear in Northeast New Hampshire.

Find the ideal boat rental to fit your specific boating needs. Having the right boat can greatly enhance your experience on the water as well as impact safety issues.

Some marinas may offer boat rentals for use on the lake where the marina is located. Check with Lakeport Landing Marina, Pine River Marina or Thurstons Marina for information on local boat rental options and recommendations.

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Check with your insurance agent to be certain you are covered while boating in a rental boat.









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Boat Rental Safety

Enjoy boating in Northeast New Hampshire with a rental boat that is designed for the members of your party. Boating safety classes are available in most areas to get you familiar with safe boating procedures.


Boat Rentals in Northeast New Hampshire