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Washington DC Boat Loans & Financing

Securing a loan to finance your boat in Washington DC

New BoatYou'll be glad to know there are multiple options for acquiring a loan to purchase a boat in Washington DC. Provided your credit qualifies, most banks, finance companies, credit unions, and boat dealers offer boat loans. While many banks offer boat loans to their current customers, you might also shop around for the best rate and loan term. Often banks and finance companies can quickly verify your credit and establish an interest rate based on your credit score and down payment. Not all lending institutions in Washington DC offer boat loans.

Credit unions are often a great source for funding a new boat loan in DC. Credit unions typically have competitive rates and can offer attractive boat loan options.

Most Washington DC area boat dealers offer financing options. By financing your boat through a boat dealer you often have options for multiple financing sources or special manufacturer programs. Dealers may also offer extended warranties and access to service departments should something happen to the boat. Any area boat dealers which do not offer loans will have recommendations for other financing options.

Happy Boy Driving Dad's BoatWhatever option you choose to finance your boat, you can be on the water in a short period of time. Finding the funding is the first step to enjoying your new boat. Locate the best DC boat loan financing rates through local banks, credit unions, boat dealer and other lenders offering boat loans.

Boat insurance is required for most boat loans in DC.

You may want to request a quote for boat insurance from the agent who handles your auto or home insurance. Or, request a referral from the boat dealership.