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Map For Boating In Nebraska

There are many places to go boating in Nebraska

  • Branched Oak Lake, NE
  • Calamus Reservoir, NE
  • Harlan County Reservoir, NE
  • Harry Strunk Lake, NE
  • Johnson Lake, NE
  • Lake McConaughy, NE
  • Lake Minatare, NE
  • Lewis And Clark Lake, NE
  • Sherman Reservoir, NE
  • Sutherland Reservoir, NE
  • Swanson Reservoir, NE

Nebraska BoatingBoating opportunities abound in Nebraska. There are lakes and rivers for large craft and smaller streams and ponds for smaller vessels. Some allow power boats, others only allow electric motors, each providing a unique experience. Fishing and other watersports are available at most boating lakes throughout the state - depending on time of year and state-defined seasons.

Bluestem Lake is a 325-acre lake 5 miles outside Lincoln, NE.

Box Butte Reservoir is a 1,600-acre lake 9 miles north of Hemingford, NE.

Branched Oak Lake is an 1,800-acre lake at Raymond, NE.

Calamus Reservoir is a 5,200-acre lake 5 miles northwest of Burwell, NE.

Conestoga Lake is a 230-acre lake a few miles southwest of Emerald, NE.

Davis Creek Reservoir is an 1,100-acre lake 2 miles southwest of Scotia, NE.

Elwood Reservoir is a 1,300-acre lake at Elwood, NE.

Enders Reservoir is a 1,700-acre lake at Enders, NE.

Glenn Cunningham Lake a 390 acre lake in the city of Omaha, NE.

Harlan County Reservoir is a 13,000-acre lake at Alma, NE.

Harry Strunk Lake (Medicine Creek Reservoir) is an 1,800-acre lake 7 miles north of Cambridge.

Hugh Butler Lake (Red Willow Reservoir) is a 1,600-acre lake 10 miles north of McCook, NE.

Jeffrey Lake is a 595-acre impoundment, just south of Brady, NE.

Johnson Lake is a 2,068-acre lake 12 miles southwest of Lexington, NE.

Lake Maloney is a 1,600-acre lake 5 miles south of North Platte, NE.

Lake McConaughy is a 35,700-acre lake 5 miles north of Ogallala, NE.

Lake Minatare is a 2,300-acre lake 6 miles northeast of Scottsbluff, NE.

Lake Ogallala is a 650-acre impoundment at Lake McConaghy.

Lake Wanahoo is a 637-acre lake one mile north of Wahoo, Nebraska.

Lewis And Clark Lake is a 31,000-acre lake 10 miles northeast of Niobrara.

Merritt Reservoir is a 1,600-acre lake 20 miles south of Valentine, NE.

Oliver Reservoir (Kimball Reservoir) is a 270-acre lake at Bushnell, NE.

Pawnee Lake is a 740 acre lake 5 miles west of Lincoln, Nebraska.

Sherman Reservoir is a 2,800-acre lake 3 miles northeast of Loup City, NE.

Sutherland Reservoir is a 3,000-acre lake at Sutherland, NE.

Swanson Reservoir is a 5,000-acre lake at Trenton, NE.

Wagon Train Lake is a 315-acre lake two miles east of Hickman, NE.

Wehrspann Lake is a 245-acre lake in the southwest outskirts of Omaha.

Whitney Lake is a 900-acre lake 10 miles east of Crawford, NE.

Willow Creek Lake is a 700-acre lake at Pierce, NE.

Use the map below to locate lakes and rivers nearby major cities including Alliance, Crawford, Gering, Gordon, Scotts Bluff, Burwell, Butte, Dakota City, Norfolk, Oneill, Big Springs, Lewellen, McCook, North Platte, Paxton, Alma, Bellevue, Grand Island, Lincoln and Omaha.

Use the navigation and zoom arrows to locate your area of interest in Nebraska. Once you locate a specific area or city, zoom in closer and make note of bodies of water nearby. The scale on the map allows you to determine the length and width of the waterway and define its potential usability for boating with your particular watercraft. Always check with local water authorities for current lake levels.

Lakes and rivers in Nebraska

Some of the lakes in Nebraska include Box Butte Reservoir, Crescent Lake, Lake Alice, Lake Minatare, Twin Lakes , Calamus Reservoir, Lewis And Clark Lake, Rush Lake, Sherman Reservoir, Willow Creek Lake, Harry Strunk Lake, Lake McConaughy, Red Willow Reservoir, Sutherland Reservoir, Swanson Reservoir, Branched Oak Lake, Harlan County Lake, Pawnee Lake, Sherman Reservoir and Wagon Train Lake.

Navigable rivers include Niobrara River, White River, Elkhorn River, Logan Creek, Frenchman Creek, Lodgepole Creek, Little Blue River and Platte River.

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