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Map For Boating In Kentucky

There are many places to go boating in Kentucky

  • Barren River Lake, KY
  • Cave Run Lake, KY
  • Dale Hollow Lake, KY
  • Green River Lake, KY
  • Herrington Lake, KY
  • Kentucky Lake, KY
  • Lake Barkley, KY
  • Lake Cumberland, KY
  • Laurel River Lake, KY
  • Taylorsville Lake, KY

Kentucky BoatingBoating opportunities abound in Kentucky. There are lakes and rivers for large craft and smaller streams and ponds for smaller vessels. Some allow power boats, others only allow electric motors, each providing a unique experience. Fishing and other watersports are available at most boating lakes throughout the state - depending on time of year and state-defined seasons.

Barren River Lake is a 10,000-acre lake in south-central KY.

Buckhorn Lake is a 1,230-acre lake in the east-central part of KY.

Cave Run Lake is an 8,300-acre lake in the northeast part of the state.

Cedar Creek Lake is a 784-acre lake in central Kentucky.

Dale Hollow Lake is a 28,000-acre lake in south-central KY.

Dewey Lake is an 1,100-acre lake in eastern Kentucky.

Fishtrap Lake is a 1,130-acre lake in the eastern corner of Kentucky.

Grayson Lake is a 1,500-acre reservoir in the northeast corner of KY.

Green River Lake is an 8,200-acre lake in the central part of the state.

Herrington Lake is a 2,300-acre lake in the central part of KY.

Kentucky Lake is a 160,000-acre lake in southwest KY.

Lake Barkley is a 58,000-acre lake in the southwest part of the state.

Lake Cumberland is a 63,000-acre lake in south-central KY.

Lake Malone is a 788-acre lake in west-central Kentucky.

Laurel River Lake is a 6,000-acre lake in the southeast part of KY.

Nolin River Lake is a 14,500-acre lake in the west-central part of the state.

Paintsville Lake is a 1,140-acre lake in northeast Kentucky.

Rough River Lake is a 5,000-acre lake in west-central KY.

Taylorsville Lake is a 3,000-acre lake in north-central KY.

Wood Creek Lake is a 672-acre lake in southeast Kentucky.

Yatesville Lake is a 2,300-acre lake in the northeast part of KY.

Use the map below to locate lakes and rivers nearby major cities including Henderson, Louisville, Madisonville, Owensboro, Sturgis, Berea, Burlington, Fayette, Lexington, Morehead, Bowling Green, Eddyville, Mayfield, Murray, Princeton, Corbin, Manchester, Middlesborough, Monticello and Somerset.

Use the navigation and zoom arrows to locate your area of interest in Kentucky. Once you locate a specific area or city, zoom in closer and make note of bodies of water nearby. The scale on the map allows you to determine the length and width of the waterway and define its potential usability for boating with your particular watercraft. Always check with local water authorities for current lake levels.

Lakes and rivers in Kentucky

Some of the lakes in Kentucky include Cap Mauzy Lake, Long Pond, Rough River Lake, State Lake, Taylorsville Lake, Cave Run Lake, Herrington Lake, Rough River Lake, Taylorville Lake, Yatesville Lake, Green River Lake, Kentucky Lake, Lake Barkley, Lake Malone, Nolin River Lake, Barren River Lake, Dale Hollow Lake, Giant Canada Goose Pond, Lake Cumberland and Laurel River Lake.

Navigable rivers include Rolling River, Rough River, Licking River, Salt River, Pond River, Tradewater River, Cumberland River and Kentucky River.

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