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Fishing At SunsetFishing is a sport typically divided into two main categories, freshwater fishing and saltwater fishing. Fishing boats are designed to accommodate these two very different waterways in both size and design. Before you buy a new or used fishing boat, you need to decide where you will mainly be using the boat.

Of the four main types of fishing boats, all-purpose fishing boats and bass boats are designed for freshwater fishing. These boats are high-performance and fast in the water traveling speeds of more than a mile a minute. The all-purpose fishing boats come in fiberglass, aluminum, or wood and range in size from 15 to 20 feet. All purpose fishing boats seat up to four people comfortably and range in price from $1,000 to tens of thousands.

Bass boats come in fiberglass or aluminum, range in size from 14 to 25 feet, and you will pay from several thousand dollars to tens of thousands for a new boat. You can usually transport and store your fishing boat on a trailer.

Center console fishing boats and offshore sport fishing boats are larger and designed for saltwater fishing. The center console fishing boat has the control station located in the center of the boat, which enables an angler to fish from anywhere on the deck. These boats are typically constructed of fiberglass and range from 16 to 33 feet. They seat up to six people comfortably and range in price from $12,000 to $60,000 plus. You can trailer most of these boats that typically have outboard motors.

Offshore sport fishing boats are also typically constructed of fiberglass and range from 35 to 65 feet in length. Generally, these boats seat six plus people comfortably and range from $40,000 to $500,000 plus. You would have to moor or slip an offshore sport fishing boat, as it is generally too large for a trailer. Typically, offshore sport fishing boats have twin inboard motors.

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Small Bass BoatThere are many top fishing boat manufacturers scattered across the US, which include, Angler, Baha Cruiser, Grady-White, Boston-Whaler, Century Coastal, and Albemarle. These and many other fishing boat manufacturer brands can be found at your local boating retailer both in new or used condition. In addition, there are many online outlets for purchasing used fishing boats.

For the keen angler, the first step to landing the catch of the day is to get the right sort of fishing boat.

Fishing boats are quite sophisticated today offering the angler conveniences and comforts to make fishing a pleasure even when they are not biting. Choose from a wide range of styles and budgets to find the ideal fishing boat, listed by state, regions of the state, and then by city.

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