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Jon Boats & Jon Boat Rental

Shallow Water Fun with Jon Boats

Lon BoatJon boats are the perfect water craft for fishing and hunting in shallow waters. With a flat crafted hull, the Jon boat skims across the water and will tend to ride the waves, rather than cut through the waves. Most people will purchase a Jon boat to maneuver through shallow waters on rivers and even lakes. With a wide beam, the Jon boat is extremely stable in the water, making it the perfect craft for river fishing. These boats have a flat hull and can float easily in just a few inches of water, ensuring you can get into the reedy sections of the river where the fish hide, or over sandbars to the places where other boats cannot go.

Generally a jon boat will have two or sometimes three bench seats, so there is plenty of room for yourself and a couple of friends to go fishing for a day on the river. Some hunters love to use jon boats to sneak quietly up on the prey.

You can purchase new or used jon boats for fishing for very reasonable prices. You can choose between four types of jon boats: aluminum, fiberglass, polyethylene and wood.

Aluminum jon boats are among the most popular as the welded construction can provide additional protection for people who want to take the boat into rocky areas. You can expect your aluminum jon boat to last a long time, as the aluminum provides a tough coating and protection. Fiberglass jon boats can be quieter and are perfect for fishing near sandbars. Polyethylene is a strong, durable, and flexible material which is good for jon boats; however, dragging the boat over rough ground to get it to the water will damage a polyethylene Jon boat. Finally, wooden jon boats are cheap but you need to coat the wood with special paints to prevent rot.

Jon boats for sale or for rent, by state.