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Boat Rentals In Southwest Oklahoma

Boats For Rent in Southwest OklahomaPleasure and fishing boats for rent in southwest Oklahoma at boat dealers, rental centers, outdoor stores, marinas and boat rental agent locations offering a wide variety of watercraft for rent. Find pontoon boats, fishing boats, jet skis, family boats, canoes, kayaks and other personal watercraft. Many rental locations offer deck, ski and speed boats as well. Check below to find boat rentals in southern and western Oklahoma.

Southwest OK boat rental options.

Listed below find boat rental dealers and other resources offering boats for rent for use on Foss Reservoir, Lake Ellsworth, Lake Frederick, Tom Steed Reservoir, Waurika Lake, Canadian River, Red River and other waterways in Oklahoma. Rental locations are listed nearby cities and attractions. Cities listed include Mangum, Snyder, Weatherford, Elk City and Lawton. Contact these boat rental agents to see if they have the ideal boat to rent.

Oklahoma locator map - boat rentals.
Southwest Resources

Elk City



Land & Water Rv & Boat Storage
711 NW Buffalo Dr
Lawton, OK 73505
580 536-2800

J W Boat Repair
203 Se F Ave
Lawton, OK 73501
580 248-0889







Foss Reservoir


Lake Ellsworth


Lake Frederick


Tom Steed Reservoir


Waurika Lake


Canadian River


Red River


Fort Cobb State Park


Great Plains State Park


Moneka Park Campground



Southwest OK boat rentals

Find boat rental dealers and other boat rental locations within or nearby cities, lakes and attractions in western and southern Oklahoma.

If you are looking for a specific type boat for rent, chances are one of these dealers can assist you. Boats offered for rent typically include canoes, jet skis, family boats, pontoon boats, fishing boats, inflatables, jon boats, ski boats, aluminum boats, electric boats, jet skis and others. Some boats offered are confined to specific lakes while others are available for travel to other bodies of water.

Southwest OK boating

Boat rental safety

Enjoy boating in southeast Oklahoma with a rental boat that is designed to carry the members of your party. Boating safety classes are available in most areas to get you familiar with safe boating procedures.

Many marinas offer rentals

Some marinas offer boat rentals for use on the lake where the marina resides. Check with Arrowhead Point-Buncombe Creek Marina, Catfish Bay Marina or Fort Cobb Lake Marina for information on local boat rental options.

Pontoon boats are ideal for large groups or when taking small children boating. Most often they have a safety railing and a canvas or metal top to reduce the amount of sun rays absorbed by passengers.

Runabouts are great for families and small groups to go sight seeing and cruising the lakes.

Ski boats and speed boats are well suited for of three to five who enjoy water sports such as water skiing and wave boarding.

Aluminum boat rentals are best suited for parties of one to four planning to travel short to mid-range distances.

Bass boats are designed for two passengers and are ideal for most fresh-water fishing, and some inshore fishing.

Lake boat rental

Find a boat to rent and take the family and friends out on the water for a day of making memories. Before boating, become familiar with local boating laws and regulations. Many waterways are marked with hazard buoys - be certain you know the meaning of these various buoys.

Check with your insurance agent to be certain you are covered while boating in a rental boat.

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