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New Hampshire Boat Repair

Boat service, maintenance and repair in NH.

Boat Repair in New HampshireNew Hampshire boasts a thriving boat repair and maintenance industry, ensuring that boat owners have access to top-notch services to keep their vessels in excellent condition. From routine maintenance to more complex repairs, there are skilled boat mechanics and technicians available throughout the state.

Marinas play a significant role in the boat repair landscape of New Hampshire. Many marinas offer on-site repair and maintenance services, making it convenient for boaters to address any issues that may arise while they are docked. These marinas often have well-equipped workshops and experienced staff who can handle a wide range of boat repair tasks, from engine servicing to hull repairs.

In addition to traditional marina-based services, there is a growing trend of mobile boat repair services in New Hampshire. Mobile boat repair companies provide the advantage of on-site repairs, where skilled technicians come directly to the boat's location to diagnose and fix problems. This mobile service is particularly beneficial for boat owners who may be in more remote areas or prefer the convenience of having repairs done at their own dock or boathouse.

Boat motor repairs are among the most common types of services offered by boat mechanics in New Hampshire. Whether it's an outboard motor or an inboard engine, experienced technicians can diagnose issues and perform repairs to ensure the engine's optimal performance. From routine tune-ups to major engine overhauls, boat owners can rely on these professionals to keep their boats running smoothly on the water.

Regular maintenance is crucial for the longevity and safety of boats, and New Hampshire's boat repair industry is committed to providing comprehensive maintenance services. From checking electrical systems to inspecting hulls for damage, boat mechanics in the state take pride in keeping boats in top condition, reducing the risk of unexpected breakdowns and enhancing overall boating experiences.

New Hampshire's boat repair and maintenance industry offers a wide array of services to boat owners, ranging from routine maintenance to more extensive repairs and boat motor servicing. Marinas with on-site workshops and mobile repair services cater to different needs, ensuring that boats are well-maintained and safe for all water adventures. The skilled boat mechanics and technicians in the state play a vital role in ensuring that boaters can enjoy their time on the water with peace of mind, knowing that their vessels are in capable hands.

Select the ideal boat repair service to care for your dream boat. Many qualified boat repair specialists are located throughout New Hampshire. We list NH boat repair centers by their proximity to major cities including Haverhill, Littleton, Bartlett, Gorham, North Conway, Claremont, Lyme, Concord, Manchester, Portsmouth, Bethlehem, Lancaster, Pittsburg, Berlin, Milan, Battleboro, Enfield, Plymouth, Laconia and Nashua.

Marinas in New Hampshire

Marinas often provide boat repair services as well as boat storage and boat launching. These services often vary with the season so it is important to contact marinas directly to define the level of boat repair services offered. Some of the major marinas in New Hampshire include Fullington Boat Landing, Newport Marine Services, Lakeport Landing Marina, Pine River Marina, Charlestown Boat Landing, Newfound Lake Marina, Back Bay Marina and Hampton Marina.

NH boat repair map

New Hampshire locator map - boat repair services.

While some repair centers specialize in specific types of boats or motors, most can offer basic services on virtually all types of boats. If you have complex repair or diagnostic requirements, you may need to locate a dealer offering those specific services. Some of these centers specialize only in the brand of boats and motors they offer for sale, while other facilities may offer maintenance and service to a wide variety of popular boat and motor brands. Repair to hulls, trailers and boat interiors are often offered by service providers which are not brand specific.

Cities are listed in the boat dealer and fishing boat dealer listings, by region of the state for your convenience.

Boat repair services in New Hampshire are performed by a wide range of specialists. Hull and structure repairs are handled by experts in fiberglass, aluminum and other boat materials.

NJ Boat Repair

Southwest Resources


Po Box 700
Enfield, NH 03748
603 632-9500

Southeast Resources


Northeastern Fiberglass
19 Chester Ct
Laconia, NH 03246
603 528-7746

New Hampshire Mobile Marine Services
34 Production Place
Laconia, NH 03249
603 293-2500


Sail Boats
234 S. Main Street
Manchester, NH 03104
603 669-8833


Turner Upholstery
141 Banfield Road
Portsmouth, NH 03801
603 433-7396

Boat motor repair, service and maintenance is provided by trained mechanical technicians, many of whom are certified by boat motor manufacturers. Some specialize in inboard motors and outdrives while others specialize in outboard motors. Others offer repair services for both.

Repair services for all types of boats.

New Hampshire boat repair services are offered for sailboats, pleasure boats, family boats, yachts, pontoon boats, fishing boats, bass boats, speedboats, inflatables, jon boats, cruisers, cuddy cabin boats, canoes, car toppers, ski & wake board boats, deck boats, aluminum boats, electric boats, jet skis, personal watercraft and fish-and-ski combos. Contact local repair centers regarding specific repair services you may require.

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