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Maine Boat Repair

Boat service, maintenance and repair in ME.

Boat Repair in MaineMaine's boating community is well-served by a variety of boat repair services and skilled boat mechanics, ensuring that boat owners can maintain their vessels in excellent working condition. Boat repair shops in Maine are equipped to handle a wide range of repair and maintenance tasks, from routine servicing to more complex motor repairs. Whether it's an issue with the boat's engine, electrical system, or hull, experienced boat mechanics in Maine have the expertise and know-how to diagnose problems accurately and implement effective solutions.

Motor repairs are a common requirement for boat owners, given the importance of a well-functioning engine for a safe and enjoyable boating experience. Boat mechanics in Maine are well-versed in various motor types, including inboard and outboard motors, ensuring they can address motor-related issues efficiently. From diagnosing engine problems to conducting tune-ups and engine rebuilds, these skilled professionals aim to get boats back on the water with optimal performance.

For added convenience, some boat repair services in Maine offer mobile repair options, bringing their expertise directly to the boat owner's location. Mobile boat repair services dispatch trained technicians to marinas, docks, or even remote areas, allowing boat owners to access repairs and maintenance without the need to transport their vessels to a repair shop. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for boaters on the go or those with boats anchored in more secluded locations.

In addition to motor repairs, boat mechanics in Maine are proficient in handling various other aspects of boat maintenance and repair. They can address issues with the boat's electrical systems, hull damage, propeller repairs, and other mechanical components. By entrusting their boats to skilled boat mechanics, boat owners can be confident that their vessels are receiving top-notch care, ensuring both safety and reliability on the water.

Maine's boat repair services and dedicated boat mechanics play a vital role in keeping the state's boating community afloat. With expertise in motor repairs, electrical systems, and general boat maintenance, these professionals ensure that boats remain in peak condition for seamless and enjoyable boating experiences. The added convenience of mobile repair services further enhances the accessibility of boat repairs, making it easier for boat owners to maintain their vessels regardless of their location. Overall, Maine's boat repair services contribute to the thriving boating culture, allowing enthusiasts to explore the state's stunning waterways with confidence in their well-maintained boats.

Select the ideal boat repair service to care for your dream boat. Many qualified boat repair specialists are located throughout Maine. We list ME boat repair centers by their proximity to major cities including Fort Kent, Rockwood, Caribou, Houlton, Van Buren, Brunswick, Portland, Bangor, Bucksport, Lincoln, Dennistown, Greenville, St Francis, Fort Kent, Presque Isle, Augusta, Lewiston, Waterville, Bar Harbor and Ellsworth.

Marinas in Maine

Marinas often provide boat repair services as well as boat storage and boat launching. These services often vary with the season so it is important to contact marinas directly to define the level of boat repair services offered. Some of the major marinas in Maine include Beaver Cove Marina, East Cove Marina, Boat Yard Marina, Old Mill Marina, AAA Yachtsman Marina, Brown's Wharf Marina, Bucksport Marina and Dysarts Great Harbor Marina.

There are mobile boat repair services which travel to the location of your boat and provide service on the spot. Whatever service you select for repair to your boat, it is highly recommended that you select a qualified boat repair specialist.

Maine locator map - boat repair services.
Maine Resources

Fort Kent

Fort Kent Ski Doo Sales & Service
5 St Joseph St
Fort Kent, ME 04743
207 834-3607


JS Boatworks Inc
4 Sagamore Ln
Brunswick, ME 04011
207 798-5679


New England Fiberglass Co
58 Fore St, Ste 7
Portland, ME 04101
207 773-3537

Portland Yacht Services Inc
58 Fore St, Ste 5-2
Portland, ME 04101
207 774-1067

Cove Boat Works
29 Brackett St
Portland, ME 04102
207 772-5778

Maine Liferaft & Inflatable Service Company
36 Union Whf
Portland, ME 04101
207 772-8095

Bar Harbor

Bowden Marine Service
713 Norway Dr
Bar Harbor, ME 04609
207 288-5247

Elk Spar Boat Shop
577 Norway Dr
Bar Harbor, ME 04609
207 288-9045

Lake Sea Boatworks
204 Knox Rd
Bar Harbor, ME 04609
207 288-8961


Harmon's Upholstery Shop
236 Surry Road
Ellsworth, ME 04605
207 667-8811

Sanborn's Upholstery
8 Red Fern Road
Ellsworth, ME 04605
207 667-6982


Maine boat repair map

While some repair centers specialize in specific types of boats or motors, most can offer basic services on virtually all types of boats. If you have complex repair or diagnostic requirements, you may need to locate a dealer offering those specific services. Some of these centers specialize only in the brand of boats and motors they offer for sale, while other facilities may offer maintenance and service to a wide variety of popular boat and motor brands. Repair to hulls, trailers and boat interiors are often offered by service providers which are not brand specific.

Cities are listed in the boat dealer and fishing boat dealer listings, by region of the state for your convenience.

Boat repair services in Maine are performed by a wide range of specialists. Hull and structure repairs are handled by experts in fiberglass, aluminum and other boat materials.

Boat motor repair, service and maintenance is provided by trained mechanical technicians, many of whom are certified by boat motor manufacturers. Some specialize in inboard motors and outdrives while others specialize in outboard motors. Others offer repair services for both.

Repair for all types of boats.

Maine boat repair services are offered for sailboats, pleasure boats, family boats, yachts, pontoon boats, fishing boats, bass boats, speedboats, inflatables, jon boats, cruisers, cuddy cabin boats, canoes, car toppers, ski & wake board boats, deck boats, aluminum boats, electric boats, jet skis, personal watercraft and fish-and-ski combos. Contact local repair centers regarding specific repair services you may require.

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