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Hit the Deck: Hours of Fun in a Deck Boat

Deck BoatA deck boat is a powerboat typically used for family fun, fishing, cruising, and a variety of water sport activities such as knee boarding, wake boarding, skiing, and tubing. Many believe the deck boat is the SUV of the boating world as the popular deck boats are sleek, versatile, affordable, and durable. Constructed of fiberglass or aluminum and designed with a V-hull, deck boats are both fast and highly maneuverable. Of the two choices, aluminum is 50% lighter in weight, more fuel efficient, requires less maintenance, and is easier to load on to a trailer.

With a more open deck space, deck boats accommodate a higher number of passengers. Some models come equipped with various accessories for skiing and other water sports.

Many deck boats have retractable bimini tops, which offer great shade and protection from the elements when open or allow for tanning and the ability to reach faster speeds when closed. If your deck boat does not have a bimini top, you are missing a great accessory.

Kids in the Front of a Deck BoatA few of the top deck boat manufacturers include Hurricane, Suncruiser, Crownline, Chaparral, and Tahoe, all of which are for sale new or used at most leading boat retailers. Other sources for used deck boats are your local classifieds, online boat classifieds or boat trader magazines and newspapers.

If you have never owned a boat before, a deck boat would be a great place to start. Size, affordability, and versatility make deck boats a must have for any active water loving family or avid angler. Averaging 14 to 24 feet in length with between 30 to 300 horsepower capacity these boats definitely have get-up-and-go. New deck boats cost between $12,000 and $45,000 depending on size, materials, motor, and accessories.

Whether you want to fish, participate in active water sports, or just soak up the sun on the water with a glass of wine, deck boats provide the avenue to enjoy the water.

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